Enterprise Instant Messaging Mage Easy

Let your clients reach you via a single AIM, Skype, ICQ, Jabber, MSN, or Yahoo! account!

One-Stop Instant Messaging for Your Company

Tuukle Chat offers a convenient and fully accountable instant messaging solution for communicating with your customers and exchanging instant messages between employees. Supporting ICQ, MSN, AIM, Skype, Jabber, and Yahoo! protocols, Tuukle Chat can use a single IM (Jabber, MSN, ICQ or Yahoo!) account to handle all outside communications.

Features at a Glance


  • Let your clients reach you via Web chat, AIM, Skype, ICQ, MSN, Jabber, and Yahoo! instant messengers
  • Web chat launches instantly and requires no registration or instant messenger installed
  • Use a single AIM, Skype, ICQ, MSN, Jabber, or Yahoo! account for all communications
  • Route and switch conversations between departments and employees
  • Fully accountable: all messages are stored in a centralized database and kept on your corporate premises
  • Transfer clients seamlessly between employees keeping the full messaging history
  • Several employees can communicate with a single customer at the same time
  • Comprehensive contact list can be grouped by the company
  • Allow customers contacting a certain department or even a particular employee via Alex menu
  • Intra-corporate messaging never leaves corporate premises
  • Improved employee productivity with no private messaging available
  • Make, manage and use chat-based knowledge bases
  • Mass-messaging to any number of selected contacts


Essential Benefits

Tuukle Chat allows you building a perfect corporate messaging system. Combining intra-corporate and external communications, the ability to route and switch conversations, offering centralized storage and effectively blocking time-wasting personal chats, Tuukle Chat will take your company’s communication to the next level.


Your customers engage in a conversation with your corporate IM account and not your employee’s


  • Your clients will notice no difference when you transfer, hire or fire employees
  • New employees will take up where old ones left off by glancing over communication history
  • Your customers choose how to contact you. Tuukle Chat supports AIM, Skype, ICQ, MSN, and Yahoo! messengers as well as instant HTML-based Web chat that launches straight from your Web site
  • PBX-like performance: employees can transfer incoming conversation requests just as they transfer incoming calls
  • Have an office in different countries or time zone? Conversations can be transferred between remote locations with no geographic restrictions.


Say ‘no’ to work-place distractions!


  • Personal instant messengers are a known time-killer and huge distraction to your employees. With Tuukle Chat, you can restrict or block personal communications entirely
  • No need for an Internet connection at every workplace. Tuukle Chat can work online or offline, using local area networks and a single server with an Internet connection
  • No virus or malware threats. Tuukle Chat is completely secure, providing an extra protection layer between your employee computers and the Internet
  • Less work for your system administrator. Set it up once, and it simply keeps going!


Fully accountable messaging with centralized storage


  • Get a fully accountable, corporate-grade instant messaging solution
  • Centralized storage and management of contacts and conversations improves customer service and allows instant quality reviews
  • New employees can review prior communication history with any client


Build a better team


  • Build a better team with instant feedback and improved sense of teamwork
  • Share valuable experience with chat-based knowledge bases
  • Employees learn from each other by viewing shared message history
  • Improve customer relations with faster response and concise communications
  • Provide feedback to employees by reviewing their communications
  • Improve employee productivity by removing common distractions
  • Customers get qualified replies every time with easy conversation transfers and switching